Physique des particules élémentaires
Revues sur QCD et la diffraction

Phenomenology at colliders (lecture 1) (lecture 2) (lecture 3)

Egyptian School on High Energy Physics, Cairo, May 27 – June 4, 2009


Vector Meson production and DVCS at HERA  (from soft to hard diffraction)    pdf  
Workshop HERA-LHC, CERN, 26-30/06/08

Diffraction at HERA slides (pdfproceedings  (pdf)
Conference on Intersections between Particle and Nuclear Physics CIPANP 2006, Puerto Rico, June 2006
Structure functions and parton distributions (pdf)  
Joint Belgian-Dutch-German Graduate School - Texel - lecture  26-09-05

Diffraction at HERA  (pdf
Workshop on Forward Physics at the LHC, Helsinki, Finland, November 2000

Diffraction at HERA and Prospects for H1 (pdf)   
International workshop "Diffraction 2000", Cetraro, Italie (sept. 2000)

Hadron structure, low x physics and diffraction (pdf)
Revue de session pléniaire, Europhys. Conf on High Energy Physics (juillet 1999, Tampere, Finlande)

Hard diffraction in Vector Meson Production at HERA (pdf)
XXIIIth International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics, Delphi, Greece, September 1998

Diffraction at HERA (pdf)
"Workshop on Diffractive Physics", LISHEP 98, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil), février 1998